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  • Terms & Conditions

  • I agree to the following terms and conditions for rental of described services.

    1. 40 and 30 yard containers have a 4 ton material limit, 12 yard containers have a 1 ton material limit. If the material limit is exceeded there will be an additional fee of $50.00 per ton. Due to strict weight limitations containers may not exceed 12 tons. The container will be set for 15 calendar days. If at any time during the 15 days customer wishes to have the container dumped call (580) 564-9223. If customer wishes to have a container reset, new contract and fees start at day 1. If customer wishes to keep container past the 15th day, there will be a fee of $5 per day.

    2. Payment in full is due upon delivery of the container. There must be a valid credit card on file for any overages. Customer is responsible for any additional fees assessed by the landfill for certain items such as tires, appliances, batteries, etc.

    3. ON THE SPOT CONTAINERS LLC, is not responsible for property damage, including but not limited to ruts, driveway damage, landscape damage or any other damage.

    4. Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ON THE SPOT CONTAINERS LLC of any and all damage which may occur to the property where the container is located. All reasonable care will be taken during placement and removal of the container to protect the property. ON THE SPOT CONTAINERS LLC will not be responsible for damage to road surfaces, sod, lawn, asphalt, landscaping, overhead obstructions, etc.

    5. Lessee is responsible for any and all damage to the roll-off container from the time the equipment is delivered until it is returned. This includes but is not limited to fire, theft, vandalism, negligence, graffiti, natural disaster, or any other activity which may cause damages.

    6. Customer acknowledges that during the container rental they will retain, care for, and control container contents. Customer will indemnify and hold harmless ON THE SPOT CONTAINERS LLC, its owners, employees, agents, and corporate associates of any damage or injury to persons or property while container is in the customer’s possession and until the contents are disposed of and or processed.

    7. Customer is fully responsible for the entire contents of the container and is the rightful owner of the contents until the contents are disposed of and accepted without protest by the prospective disposal facility. In the event that the contents are not allowed by this contract or any State, County, City, or Federal agency and are disposed of, all cost, fines, penalties, or other actions taken for said disposal, the customer is fully responsible for any and all associated charges. Costs may include but are not limited to cleanup, monitoring, legal fees, penalties, or any other charges associated with unauthorized material disposal. Materials may be returned to customer at the customer’s expense.

    8. There will be a $200.00 fee added if all contents are not inside the dumpster (nothing allowed to stick above or hang out).
  • Liability Release / Account Agreement & Terms of Sale

  • I, the undersigned, release ON THE SPOT CONTAINERS LLC from all responsibility for damages that may occur during the placement or retrieval of the container, damages caused by the weight of the truck or the weight of the container. I agree unconditionally to pay for all services rendered, including reasonable attorney’s fees incurred in the collection of monies owed. The undersigned understands that full payment is due upon delivery of container. The undersigned agrees that any balances due may be charged to authorized credit cards on file. Balances are subject to a $25 late charge on any outstanding balance, if not received according to terms.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY

  • *Dimensions of 40 yd roll-off container: Length 22 ft, Height 7.5 ft, Width 8 ft
    *Dimensions of 30 yd roll-off container: Length 22 ft, Height 6 ft, Width 8 ft
    *Dimensions of 12 yd roll-off container: Length 13 ft, Height 4.5 ft, Width 8 ft
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